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Paul Craft is one of four songwriters to have two solely-written songs nominated for a Grammy in the Best Country Song category in the same year (1977). The songs were “Dropkick Me, Jesus (through the goal posts of life)” and “Hank Williams, You Wrote My Life." Given the amount of co-written songs coming out of Nashville and music in general, that statistic will probably stick around for a while.

Records of note written by Paul have been:

Brother Jukebox Mark Chestnutt, MCA #1 for two weeks
in 1991
Hank Williams,
You Wrote My Life
Moe Brandy, Columbia #2 in 1976
Blue Heartache Gail Davies, Warner Bros #7 in 1979
Come As You Were T. Graham Brown, Capitol #7 in 1988
Dropkick Me, Jesus Bobby Bare, RCA #17 in 1976
It’s Me Again, Margaret Paul Craft, Truth #55 in 1974
It’s Me Again, Margaret Ray Stevens, MCA #74 in 1985

His song “Midnight Flyer” was included on an Eagles album (“On the Border”) and ”Keep Me From Blowing Away” was part of Linda Rondstadt’s album “Heart Like a Wheel” in 1975. Both of these are included in the two artists’ box sets released in 2000. “Midnight Flyer” was also include in the 2-CD package “The Very Best of the Eagles” released Christmas 2003. Linda Rondstadt performed “Keep Me From Blowing Away” on “The Seldom Scene 15th Anniversary Show” at the Kennedy Center and released as a 2-CD set. Paul Craft played guitar on the live show (as he did on her original record).

Paul Craft lived in Proctor, Arkansas on the family plantation for his first ten years. Then came moves to Memphis, Richmond Virginia, back to Memphis and finally to Nashville after he became a part of the music industry. He wrote his first song when he was twenty eight years old.

During Paul’s first year in Nashville (1975-1976) he had, in addition to the afore-mentioned Grammy nominations, thirty-five recordings of his songs which included three top ten-records. In 1976, Chet Atkins signed him to RCA Records where he had three chart releases including “Lean on Jesus (before he leans on you)" which reached #55 in 1977.

He has been nominated four times for the Nashville Songwriter’s Association’s Hall of Fame…the last time in 2004. He served six years in the Coast Guard Reserve (1960-66) and graduated from the University of Virginia in 1963. He played five-string banjo for and recorded with Jimmy Martin and the Sunny Mountain Boys on Decca Records between 1961 and 1970. As a publisher (of other people’s songs and his own), he has been responsible for four number one records. “The Gambler”(!)…recorded by Kenny Rogers and others; “Fool For Your Love” recorded by Micky Gilley; “Falling Out of Love” recorded by Reba McEntire; and “Brother Jukebox” recorded by Mark Chestnutt.

As a performer, he has appeared with Chet Atkins, JJ Cale, Dave and Sugar, Dickey Lee, Billy Edd Wheeler, Jack Clement, George Jones, Don McLean, Mac Davis and others. His tastes in music have been formed by a lifelong love for pop, country, blue-grass, folk and classic show tunes. He lists his songwriting influences, besides the obvious ones, as Dallas Frazier, Gordon Lightfoot, Mickey Newbury, the Bee Gees, John Denver, Cole Porter and many others. He attributes whatever success he has had to a lifetime of reading and listening to his favorite records. He believes he inherited his literary and artistic leanings from his father, Henry Craft, who died when he was ten, and his ability to rise above setbacks to his mother, Angie, who died in 1986. His favorite book is “Damage” by Josephine Hart. His favorite movie is “One-Eyed Jacks” directed by (partially) Marlon Brando who also stars. His favorite TV series is “Curb Your Enthusiasm”. He first became aware of Larry David on the show “Friday’s" in the late seventies. Michael Richards was also on that show. Paul greatly enjoys sports…live or on television…especially college and NBA basketball.

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